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Official Bio

NANCY FIGUEROA is a Toronto based lover of words. A voracious reader and prolific writer, she holds a degree in Journalism and a certificate in Creative Writing. Her work has appeared in newspapers and magazines, including six essays in the Globe and Mail.

Check out these published works as well as some sneak peeks (below) into what's coming soon !

Make yourself at home here, reading about books, writing and about what's new in the world of epilepsy.

Nancy lives near the shores of Lake Ontario with her husband in the home where they raised their three amazing sons.

Unofficial Bio

Nancy loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Often the butt of her own jokes, she has always known that no day is complete without laughter, particularly on the bad days. Nancy never met a candy, cookie, or sweet she does not like. Unless of course it's carrot cake or zucchini muffins. Whose silly idea was it to ruin sweet treats with vegetables?

Coming soon...

Seized, A Mother's Memoir of Epilepsy, Complications and Love

Nancy recently completed a 77,000-word manuscript: Seized, A Mother's Memoir of Epilepsy, Complications and Love. It is the remarkable story of her journey with her son, James, who has suffered horrific daily seizures since birth and the extremes to which he is willing to go to become seizure-free. It is an intimate, poignant, thought-provoking and sometimes amusing portrait of endurance, longing and love. Seized will expand the mind and the heart; you won't be able to put it down.

Seizure Girl
(working title)

Nancy is also writing a young-adult novel. Seizure Girl (working title). The breathtaking story of Lauren, a healthy, happy, funny teenager, who suffers a seizure at school while running down the hall--late again for English class. Lauren despairs that her life is over, but when a gorgeous, charming, funny, plot twist named Seth appears at her new school for teenagers with epilepsy, life seems worth living again.

A delicious love story, Seizure Girl looks at the questions of Why me? and Why love? It will be a delightful read for anyone who wants and needs to feel the sweet pangs of first love again, and for everyone who needs a reminder to live and love fully.